Wholesale Food Trading Solutions


Working to solve the global crises of World Hunger, Food Waste, and Climate Change.

We link growers and buyers worldwide for safe, secure, efficient transactions.


Across the globe while food is rotting, people are going hungry.

GRO-CONNECT.COM is devoted to solving this problem by connecting farmers around the world to wholesale buyers like grocers and restaurant supply companies in need of product on a timely, cost-efficient basis.

Today and in the past, the process has been slow and costly. GRO-CONNECT introduces the use of the internet to quickly link growers with buyers in order to move product quickly and efficiently.

This gets food to its destination while reducing harmful carbon emissions.  

Increase sales volume and revenue.
Bid on all of our shipping options, exporting and importing.
Efficient purchases directly from our growers and distributors.
Combined Global Order Fulfillment
The result of increasing concentration and unchecked buyer power is a system that benefits a select few at the expense of everyone else, including consumers, workers, and independent retailers and suppliers: consumers have a narrowing range of choice to shop for the goods and services they need; entrepreneurs and independent businesses struggle to start and sustain businesses; and producers such as farmers and ranchers are forced to accept unfavorable economic terms, conditions, and prices imposed by the largest members of a consolidated supply chain. 
Procurement that allows you to make the best choices.
Enter your procurement order, within a few seconds our software provides the perfect quantity, cost, and delivery method to your desired location.  
Purchase from grower shippers in the USA and all over the world.

Our platform replenishes your distribution centers, stores, and restaurants by using current data and historical data to provide you with what you need when and where you need it.  


Our proprietary blockchain offers transparency and traceability while elevating visibility to the supply chain. We provide this in an easy to use plug and play version.

Our QR scanner App

With the use of Gro-trac, our grocers can offer their customers the ability to download our QR scanning App free of charge. This enables customers to scan any piece of fruit or vegetable to quickly see origin, harvest date, pesticide use and more.

Download our App and start shopping now.
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