Where does your Food come from?

Transparency comes from full visibility in the supply chain. While blockchain is used in crypto it is also used for traceability as it is a undisputed ledger for information. Many large companies have blockchain in place for supply chain, however the complexity of the systems available today, limit the amount of users and limits the technology and effectiveness.  

How old is that Apple?

We have created an affordable solution to this problem. Our plug-n-play blockchain Gro-trac, allows anyone to afford to use it and implement transparency to the supply chain in simple formats.  

Time to Improve!!

Because we are able to reach more users, more producers, distributors, grocers & restaurants, with our affordable and easy to use Gro-trac traceability, consumers can use a QR scanner from our APP and scan fresh food to see the origin, harvest date, and bio-composition to know what they are buying in seconds.   

This is unique technology will change how you shop anywhere in the world. Our platform integrates simple, easy to use, low cost solutions to improve our quality of life & health.  

Contact us for a list of participating Grocers?

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