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We can help you penetrate new customers around the world for the fraction of the cost elsewhere.

Grow with us to take advantage of our national and global expansion. Vendors create stores with product fully customized to your needs.

Product Category helps Buyers streamline searches directing them to Vendors who offer products.


Vendors select 1 of 3 monthly options regarding the amount of product they need to sell. (typically this is a $200-$350 cost elsewhere)

We assist our Vendors with store set up and include detailed instructions online for free.

Every member Buyer or Seller, will have a dashboard that appears when they log in.

The dashboard keeps track of sales and purchases. You can track your orders, create coupons, review reports, respond to reviews, oversee your payments, monitor returns, see who is following you, reach out to support for questions, click on settings and add product or update your account information.

Vendors have many options available with posting product, from inventory to SEO phrases.

Vendors pay a 5% commission at every sale. (typically 10%-15% elsewhere)

The cost for the store reflects the amount of product you need to sell and this is paid monthly. There are no other costs other than the commission which is paid at the time you would be paid from the Buyer at sale. has an average daily site visit count of 1,500-1,800, the information above, these numbers, and the monthly service fee with zero long term commitments are plenty of reason to start increasing your sales now!

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