Seller Settings & Features


You are responsible for setting your price. As you review the options listed below, you can offer discounts for multiple orders. 

As you are aware, the majority of Wholesale Buyers prefer terms. This can be 25 days from the point of receiving a shipment. You can be protected with a Letter of Credit from the Buyer’s bank. We also offer in-house credit and the ability for you to use your sales receipts and collect early payment against receivables.

Last and most important, the price you set is the trigger to create a sale. Overpriced products will not sell in any market. If you are unsure what your prices should be click here to view daily prices of your items in numerous locations around the US. If you are not offering terms, or P.O. options than you should be offering discounts well below market price for instant payment.    

Upload your Products

Using the upper corner of the site where it says “Welcome,” hover over and click on “Marketplace”

This is your Dashboard

Scroll down click “Products” tab on the Left Side Column

At the top of the page Right Side, click the “+”

Click on the Product Category and select the 1 category for this product and click “NEXT”

Add the Name

Add detail description, product size, grade, packaging, quantity, origin, harvest date, MOQ details, case pricing, cases per MOQ order, the more information the better

Upload Pictures or Create and upload a Video 

Add a thumbnail photo that is seen by Buyers searching

 Add product SKU 

Add your Regular Price and make sure this reflects your MOQ price as this is how you want to sell. Example, 1 FTL Broccoli = 1,680 cases @ $11.00 ea so Regular price is $18,480

Add your Sale price if you have one (you can adjust all of this anytime after)

Add Product Short Description that will be visible at a glance in the search. The detailed info above will be seen when the Buyer clicks on the item

Click SAVE

Then click Products again in the Dashboard and view your Product and edit pencil, you will see it is in Draft Stage

The top of this page has numerous drop downs


Here you can add inventory management, set maximum order qty if you would like


Here you link the product with the Shipping Class, add weights and details of the trailer, container sizes

Linked Products

Allows you to upsell or cross sell your product with other products you have. The links will appear when a Buyer clicks on your product and will show options on the right side or bottom of the product they selected


You can add an attribute and select it to show on the product page

Product Status 

This is where you change the product from Draft to Publish, you can also add more gallery images to be shown. The virtual and downloadable check boxes do not pertain to our products so leave them be

Upload Bio-certification

Here is where you upload all of your Bio-certs for the product. They will be viewable by the Buyer and important to speed the purchase process and increase sales. The bio-certs are watermarked and cannot be downloaded or copied so your information is safe and the Buyers have full transaprency of what they are Buying



In Dashboard 

Click Shipping

At the top Click “ADD New Shipping Zone”

Create a Name for the Zone such as “Rotterdam” “NY/NJ” “North East” etc

Define by Zip codes or Specific Regions, You can use Cities, or Villages, or States, Providences 

Click ADD Shipping Zone

Then click on the Zone and “Edit”

Click on “ADD Shipping Method”

Click on the Drop Down and Select one of the 3 Options that pertain to you 

Option 1= Marketplace Flat Rate (this allows you to set a flat cost that will be added to the product once the Buyer adds shipping address and is in the Zone you created)

Option 2= Free Shipping (this means you will not add a cost for shipping as it is FREE)

Option 3= Local Pickup (this is equivalent of FOB and you are not including shipping costs) 

Once you select then click the “ADD Shipping Method” button 

Then click “Update Changes” button to save 

If you made a mistake view the page after you save it and you can delete the Shipping Method by clicking on the (x) and create a new Shipping Method

If you chose Option 1 then after Update Changes, click on the Highlighted Shipping Method and Fill out the information;

tax status: taxable or not

cost: place the rate for the shipping

Now click on the SHipping Tab on the Left Dashboard column

Click on “ADD New Shipping Zone” at the top of the page

Then click on “Shipping Class” tab

Create your Shipping Class

Oversea Container, FTL, LTL, Air, (create one) 

Hit Save after inputting information

Then it prompts you to link this to your Regions and there can be many

Add more Shipping Classes per the way you Ship your Products 


Keep adding “Zones” until you cover the areas you can ship too.


Remember your product is perishable so far away locations where your product will spoil does not work and you should not add them.

This is same way you have already been operating. A Buyer will always want you to ship, so add the regions you service with the current pricing. 

Stay up to date on current shipping costs.

You can create FTL and LTL pricing 

You can also describe the costs in your product description and have the Buyer send a query

The more details and options you create on set up the more sales you will have 



Receive Payments

In Dashboard 

Click My Profile Tab

Then click on Shop Tab 

Scroll down to Payment Information 

Add your Bank Routing & Account Numbers for Wires & ACH. Be sure to confirm the information from your bank. You will be receiving payments from the US so be sure to know if you need Domestic or International information 

Click on the “Connect Button” to accept credit card payments.  

Follow along as you input information

Once completed you can log back into your account 

Daily Deals

Daily Deals is a replacement for your pricelists

Here you go to your Dashboard

Click on “Manage Daily Deals”

Click on “ADD New Deal”

Fill out the information and link your Product

Create your Deal including start & finish time, link it to your zones/regions

Click “Save Deal”

Tier Based Pricing

This gives you the ability to offer Buyers the ability to purchased your product every week or twice a month, etc. You are giving the Buyer the ability to purchase numerous orders for a discount set by your rules. 

Go to Dashboard

Scroll down & click “Tier Based Pricing”

Click on the upper left (+) on the page 

Enter the Product you want to Link this too

Rule Name (weekly) (monthly) etc

Quantity limits

Discount Type (Fixed Dollar Value) or (Percentage) 

Add the Dollar Value or Percentage amount 

Enable the status

Then you can add another product and rules


Auction your Products

You can set your products on a standard Auction where prices increase with each bid. You can also set up a Reverse Auction as well. This will let you start at a set price and accept lower prices until they hit your limit.

Marketplace Dashboard

Scroll down & click “Auction”

On the top Right of the page click “Add New Auction”

From there you can go down the list, select the product and input the information 

When you are finished then click “Save” 

Point of Sale System POS

Marketplace Dashboard 

Scroll down and you will see numerous “POS” tabs.

Before we jump in let’s go over the features with this system. Our POS System is designed for you to integrate your sales & inventory on this site and off the site at your warehouse, store, or other online sites. You can add Managers, and Locations with no minimum or maximum requirement. 

From your Dashboard scroll down to the POS section and you will see these tabs;

  • Outlet
  • Managers
  • Orders
  • Mass Assign

Let’s start with Mass Assign tab, here you can set the default product quantity to be assigned in bulk

Enter the default Quantity of the product that will be assigned to the POS Outlet

Next the Outlet tab, here you create new POS Outlets by clicking the “ADD New Outlet” button, then you can edit the outlet by clicking the edit link.m Fill in the details and hit save at the bottom

Now go to Outlet Edit and click on the Tab “Manage Products,” here you can assign products to that store

  • Select the products
  • Click Enable from the Action drop-down list
  • Hit Apply
  • Once Enabled then assign product to the outlet under column Assigned Stock

Managers tab, here you can click on “ADD New User” and add the information for each Manager you want to add, click update at the bottom to save


You can print Barcodes for your Products

The generated barcodes for the products to be used by the POS agent to add a product to the cart during the check-out process.

To generate the barcode, You will select the products for which you want to generate the barcodes. And then, select the Generate Barcode option from the drop-down list and hit the Apply button to generate barcodes.

You can also print a barcode for a product in a required quantity by clicking on the Print Barcode link available while hovering on the product under column the Product Name as shown above image. Clicking the Print Barcode link will display a popup. Here, You will add the quantity of the barcode to print.


Click on this tab to view any order details by simply clicking on the order from the list


You can login to the POS system from anywhere, use your email & password

Once you login you will go to your front end panel

you can view your inventory, sales, add cash balance 

to your cash drawer

You can oversee and manage transactions, inventory from all of your outlets both on & offline. Manage payment and cash balances, follow up on orders, set discounts, and manage your business from anywhere in the world. All of this is inclusive for FREE with any of the Seller Membership packages. 

Any Questions contact us=

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