Wholesale Buyers of Fruit and Vegetables Need Grower Shippers-Distributors-Exporters


MARKETPLACE Pricing Plans for Suppliers

Standard Supplier Plan

5 Products posted per mth
$ 125
  • Per User
  • 5 Products pr mth
  • Buyers Preview and Purchase Your Products 24/7
  • Upload Your Certification and Insurance Data
  • Unlimited Year Round Sales
  • Global Buyer Pool
  • RFQ & Direct Messaging
  • Purchase Order Payments and Credit Card Processing
  • Weekly/Daily Price List Distribution
  • Wholesale Shipping Anywhere
  • Sell Items MOQ, FOB, CIF, FTL, LTL, CRF, Oversea and Air all Available
  • 4% Payment Processing Fee per Transaction
immediate sales

Deluxe Supplier Plan

20 Products posted per mth
$ 250
  • Per User
  • All of Standard +
  • 20 Total Products pr mth

Unlimited Supplier Plan

Unlimited Products posted per mth
$ 415
  • Per User
  • All of Standard +
  • Unlimited Products pr mth


Priority Supplier

$ 525
  • Per User
  • All of Standard +
  • Unlimited Products pr mth
  • Qualified Supplier for Small/Large Grocery-Hospitality-Restaurant Buyers
  • Receive Daily/Weekly Orders to Supply Grocery Stores
  • Receive Daily/Weekly Orders to Supply Hospitality Establishments
  • Receive Daily/Weekly Orders to Supply Restaurants
  • Numerous Automated Wholesale Orders to Fulfill
  • Must be able to Split Orders, LTL & Rapid Deliveries
Traceability Blockchain
$ 250
  • Works with any Supplier Plan
  • Single User
  • 1 Year Term
  • Hyperledger Fabric on AWS
  • No Coding or IT Set up Required
  • Cloud Based, Access Anywhere
  • Login and Create Account, Upload/ Input Data
  • Up to 5 Products
  • Upload Origin, Agronomy, Harvest, Transportation, Storage, Applications and Information
  • Add your Distribution Process, Packaging, Storage, Information easily
  • Provide Complete Transparency to Your Buyers
  • Undisputable Ledger proves Delivery and Acceptance to Expedite Payments
Traceability Blockchain with Priority Supplier Combined
$ 658
  • Single User
  • 1 Year Term
  • Everything in Priority Supplier +
  • Everything in Gro-trac +
  • 15% Packaged Savings
Blockchain Combo
If you are Selling; Asian cut Broccoli, Peppers, Onions, Spinach, Lettuce, Potatoes, Brussel Sprouts, Apples, Oranges, Grapes, Bananas, Pineapples, and anything else, we will place you in front of Buyers all Year Long!

We have created a way for you to sell easier and to a large POOL of qualified US, China, & European, Buyers. 

Our easy to use platform is accessible from anywhere and anytime. If are looking to create year round sales, increase your profit, then you need to start using our Marketplace ASAP. We have over 62,000 transactions to date and expanding daily. 

Our Buyers are looking to streamline transactions. List your product, MOQ, list all Gap Certificates on the Biology of the product and your own certification, you will sell more product to more Buyers 24/7. 

For $125.00 month  you can list 5 separate items, unlimited quantity, & sell to our Buyers. We charge 4% transaction fee for all sales. 

Shipping is included so it is your choice to provide options for the Buyers such as MOQ, FOB or CIF shipments, LTL or FTL. Everything is available using Gro-connect.com. 

If you wanted to expand your sales, our platform speeds up the process.

  • REPORTS: Track sales, shipping, pageviews, revenue all in one location. 
  • SHIPPING: All options available Globally and Locally. Define MOQ, weights per MOQ, Shipping Options, FTL,LTL,AIR, SEA 40ft, SEA 20ft, FOB, CIF, CRF, etc. 
  • DISCOUNTS: You can offer discounts and set time line. 
  • RFQ: You have the ability to receive Request for Quotation from prospective Buyers.
  • AUCTION OR REVERSE AUCTION: You can add a starting cost and go up or down. Set a limit to sell at or test the waters.
  • PAYMENTS: Suppliers have optional payment procedures, either instant payments or Terms. Suppliers can opt for Credit/Debit Payments, or Purchase Orders. We have a Sales/Purchase Order Agreement everyone must abide by.
  • BUYER LIST: Add your current Buyers to consolidate your business 
  • MARKETING: We also extend your marketing and increase your social media with SEO words and custom meta descriptions. Not your thing? Well this our thing and we will help you with the set up. This is easy and quick for us and included in every package.
  • LICENSING: Upload your licensing and certifications, add your details in your profile so Buyers can review quickly.
  • BIO DETAILS: Add all bio certifications so Buyers are able to quickly purchase products from you. 
  • SKU: Add the SKU numbers so your products will be easily accessible.
  • STOCK: Input your stock and capacity and we will track your inventory as you sell. 
  • PRICING: Place your pricing per MOQ, or leave the pricing out for RFQ and let the Buyer contact you.
  • COUPONS: You can offer coupons for repeat sales or to move certain Product quickly.
Priority Supplier

Priority Supplier: Join an Industry leader of High Quality Grower/Shippers who are fully integrated in end-to-end perishable order management. Become one of the networks featured suppliers who are qualified to supply numerous large retail buyers. Weekly and Daily orders to Grocery Stores, Restaurants, Hospitality Establishments and more. Pre-qualify to provide all certifications and limits matching procurement requirements set by Buyers. Split orders, multiple packaging and labeling required. Scale and expand your business quickly. Integrate with our Distributor and Food order management system to  streamline sales and collect revenue promptly using our end-to-end service. 

Gro-trac: Time to make traceability a Priority, as regulations become more stringent and consumers desire for transparency grows, making traceability a natural extension of your supply chain is a no-brainer. 

Easily comply with fresh produce traceability mandates, improve internal and external traceability programs and quickly respond to food safety issues with Gro-trac. The most affordable, easy to use and efficient system available with added features to grow your business and traceability program. 

Contact us for more information; sales@gro-connect.com
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