We created Gro-connect.com to help turn around the declining economics of Farming and to also help the Food Chain Industry.  Farming production has increased over the years while income has decreased. Buying and Selling through a small network of contacts creates restriction to growth potential. Relationships are the strength of business and diversification creates access to numerous connections. The advantage of going online to connect with a Buyer or Seller anywhere in the World with a click of your phone, helps Farmers sell product and stay in control of pricing and buyers, it also helps distributors and Buyers reduce expenses and increase access to suppliers anywhere.

All business owners realize that keeping your eggs in one basket does not reap favorable results. If you haven’t experienced this before, COVID clearly would have taught you this recently. Having options helps everyone, Supply and Demand sets pricing up or down, having access to numerous buyers and sellers maintains stability for all.

We pride ourselves on creating a safe, enjoyable experience with all of our members and we will always be available to answer any questions and handle any problems.

Please be safe and prosperous!!!

Lee Seward CEO

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