Our Story

We created Gro-connect.com to help turn around the declining economics of Farming. That was our desired goal but, later we learned more about the need we want to provide. Quality food should be accessible to everyone but, not at the cost of the Farmers. We created a way to increase access, affordability and increase revenue for Farming.  

Our Mission

We set out to help Farming, as we learn we see the challenges faced Globally in the Food Industry. Most people go to Grocery stores not thinking about what they are buying. Oranges for instance in the US are largely grown in Florida, California, Arizona, and Texas. The US Consumption of Oranges does not match supply, resulting in the US importing Oranges. This is why you can go to the Grocery store and always buy oranges. Costs associated with consumers vary slightly compared to the costs the Grower/Farmer see weekly. Typical sales are focussed on Terminal Market prices and with inflated transportation costs a Farmer/Grower could see sales at an amount less than the cost to grow. Some products can be sold through multiple parties adding additional expenses and reducing Farmer/Grower income or increasing loss.   

Our Goal

We see failure as not trying something new, not challenging the how, what and why! We also see complacency in Business a failure too. We challenge ourselves daily, to be better for our members, and if we stumble we stand quickly to correct any issues as they arise. We are not perfect but we strive to be perfect for you.

Our goal is to increase sales and profitability for our Users by providing them numerous options. Reduce or eliminate risk, create an environment that is sustainable, fair and equitable. Allow our Users to maximize and leverage our experience and expertise so they can be successfully create transparent sales of fresh, quality, consistent Produce, Fruit, Meat, Poultry

The bottom line is that we save money for every user, and in doing so we bring higher quality products to everyday consumers all over the world!

Our Success

We will achieve success and this will be measured by the amount of Farms/Growers who have taken a chance to change and use our services and by doing so, found a way to Profitability. Our success will also be reached when consumers are able to purchase quality fresh produce and fruit at any grocery store all over the world at fair and equitable costs. 

We want to bring transparency to the Food Industry and to the consumers. Our blockchain is track and trace, this allows our Farms/Growers to upload data easily and quickly of the products they grew, harvested, fertilized, this hyperledger fabric then holds the data from the planting of the seed through to the store shelf where the consumer purchases it.

When a Grocery Store, Distributor, Farm/Grower is linked up with our Blockchain, & AI Replenishment, our QR software, anyone who downloads our scanner will be able to scan an apple and see where it came from, when it was harvested, and how long it was stored before they purchase it.  

So if you are a Grower, Distributor, Or Grocery, Restaurant Buyer, you will want to use our services asap! We offer full comprehensive software, you can choose custom made, or plug-n-play. Our software is affordable and fits every size company. If you are a consumer and you cannot scan your produce and fruit today, you need to tell your Grocer to sign up with Gro-connect.com. 

Health is paramount and traceability allows you to know precisely what you are buying and consuming!  

Thank you,

Lee Seward Founder/CEO

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