We created Gro-connect.com to help turn around the declining economics of Farming and to also help every aspect connected to Farming.  That was our desired goal and later we learned more about the need we want to provide. Most Farming all over the world is dictated by large companies. The small to mid-size farms either agree to produce for larger companies or go about business on their own for various reasons. For that reason, Gro-connect.com is a conduit for Farms to reach more Buyers, and Buyers have one location to source numerous Farms. These values not only help our Farms, or our Buyers, but we also help the everyday consumer by providing them with high quality and consistent product through our network of Buyers.

Quality is what we stand for and we provide quality service to our Farms and Buyers. Our team is available 24/7 to help and answer any questions or give support. We are not only an online market, we also are your sales staff and we provide marketing. This cost is inclusive with our membership. If you are a Buyer you can shop our products for free and we will even source unique products you seek as well. We consistently deliver and achieve providing quality and consistency in our products and our service. Anything you purchase in your life can have an error or glitch, cars, appliances, tools, equipment, etc. While we strive to provide excellence we always service and help our members achieve success. We see failure as not trying and living in complacency, we challenge ourselves daily, to be better for our members, and if we stumble we stand quickly to correct any issues as they arise (if and when they do). We are not perfect but we strive to be perfect for you. Our goal is to increase your revenue and save costs while exposing you to more Buyers in one central location. We also save Buyers cost and provide quality, easily and safely.

The bottom line is that we save money for every user, and in doing so we bring higher quality products to everyday consumers all over the world!

What do we offer?

  • Full control of your sales or purchases
  • Safety that you will deal directly with real vendors and buyers
  • Comfort that your purchases are real and quality products delivered on time
  • Ease of use, reduced time purchasing, increase freshness
  • You will be able to sell to buyers 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we oversee every transaction and delivery
  • The ability to create sales and purchases from numerous options anywhere in the world
  • Mitigate risk and exposure to losses when dealing with a few suppliers or buyers


Thank you,

Lee Seward CEO

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