We created Gro-connect.com to help turn around the declining economics of Farming and to also help every aspect connected to Farming.  Typically farming sales have been limited to location and available local connections created over the years. We have experienced this close knit community that offers comfortable connections yet limits the ability to expand and pivot when needed. Gro-connect.com offers the same comfort and security while also placing any Farm or Grower in contact with buyers located anywhere in the world. Our ability to help members expand and increase sales are not limited to just growers, we also help distributors, shippers, brokers, importers, exporters, and retail buyers.

What do we offer?

  • Full control of your sales or purchases
  • Safety that you will deal directly with real vendors and buyers
  • Comfort that your purchases are real and quality products delivered on time
  • Ease of use, reduced time purchasing
  • You will be able to sell to buyers 24 hours a day 7 days a week even while you sleep
  • The ability to create sales and purchases from numerous options anywhere in the world
  • Mitigate risk and exposure to losses when dealing with a few suppliers or buyers

Gro-connect.com creates quality connections between buyers and sellers of agriculture. We are service orientated and focused on providing quality customer experiences. If you are looking to purchase wholesale; Nursery Plants, Trees, Flowers, Produce, Fruit, Herbs, Nuts, even Meat and Poultry, we are the place to go.  We provide a money back guarantee, all Buyers and Sellers are qualified before they are allowed on our site, and our user agreement is strictly enforced.

Sell and increase your income while you sleep effortlessly

Purchase quality wholesale product easily and securely from anywhere in the world


Thank you,

Lee Seward CEO

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