Want to Apply for a Position?

We are glad you are interested and we want to make sure this is a great fit for both of us! 

Unlike standard corporate positions, we do not like formalities, in fact we are as comfortable in a suit as we are in T-shirts & jeans!  So, forget the stodgy resume! Send us an email and tell us:

  • about you
  • what you have accomplished
  • what are your aspirations & goals
  • both business & personal!
  • Kudos to those who send us a video link!! 

What are we looking for?

We want energy, positivity, can-do attitudes, real, and open minded people who can articulate. 

What is not interesting to us?

Grouchy, drama, complacent, narrow minded people, just seem to not blend in with our “go get it” culture! 


Be brave and have fun! Tell us why you are the person we should hire for the position you are applying too!! 

Send your email to info@gro-connect.com 

Be sure to add the position in the subject line! 

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