Welcome to Gro-trac!

Gro-trac is an added module for our Buyers and Vendors to use to track traceability. We have created a simple to use system to track where products were grown, harvested, shipped and stored along with all of the process along the way. While this is not unique today and other companies operate with custom traceability systems, we found that they are intensive along with expensive. Our system is designed for any grower to use, distributor, or retailer and we are able to add the complexity if this is desired too.

Gro-trac works within marketplace and shares, stores data. We require users to upload the requested data pertaining to each user type. Our system completes the cycle once purchases are made. Buyers can be assured that the entire history and input is accurate and they can pull up the report within seconds. For the ultimate service couple Gro-trac with StockME and you have a fully automated affordable system in place to save you money, keep you in control, provide you with high quality product.

For information about  Gro-trac or StockME please email