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Welcome to Gro-trac

Gro-trac is an added module for our Buyers and Vendors to use to track traceability. We have created a simple to use system to track where products were grown, harvested, shipped and stored along with all of the process along the way. While this is not unique today and other companies operate with custom traceability systems, we found that they are very intensive along with expensive. Our system is designed for any grower to use, distributor, or retailer and we are able to add complexity as desired.


Gro-trac works within marketplace to share and store data. We require users to upload the requested data pertaining to each user type. Our system uses Hyperledger Fabric which is the same fabric currency uses. Complete transparent data that cannot be modified. Buyers can be assured that the entire history and input is accurate, they can pull up the information at one location and within seconds.

What does this mean to you?

Buyers will now have assurance of what they are actually purchasing. They can see through the network that the product is real, how fresh, how it was grown and harvested, cooled and transported.

Very large scale grower/shippers have this already. You are clearly aware of the cost and loss of utilizing few suppliers today. Inflation, disease, climate, all affect quality and freshness along with profitability and loss. 

We give you the ability to PIVOT AFFORDABLY and compete.

  • Buyers can be assured that the smaller Growers have quality and freshness
  • Smaller Growers have the ability to showcase professionalism and compete with larger corporations 
  • Locally grown can take on the intended meaning when paired with traceability 
  • Restaurants can offer the best local foods available
  • Grocers have the ability to fit local within store radiuses rather than stretched marketing
  • Transactions with overseas companies open doors to full transparency

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