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Gro-trac Pricing

We have numerous options for everyone regarding Track-n-Trace Blockchain. Gro-trac provides full transparency Food and Supply Blockchain. The ledger cannot be erased or manipulated providing transparent security of the data. The data each user will document will be from Origin to Management, to Sale or end of Ownership. We have easy to use drop down answers that each user can click on to build the database reducing the amount of writing.

Benefits of using Blockchain today;


  • Growers using Blockchain today have high advantages over competitors
  • Provide Buyers complete transparency of Products from Origin, Management, Sale
  • Improve cash flow by having full documentation of delivery
  • Improve Buyer pool by assuring quality and transparency
  • Obtain and implement Blockchain for just $0.82 per product per day 


  • Full visibility of the products purchased
  • Increase supplier pool with assured quality of product 
  • Increase your Buyer pool by assuring full transparency of each product from origin
  • Improve cash flow with full documented delivery 
  • Distributors using Blockchain today show Buyers they provide quality and assurity

Retail Buyers

  • Provide only the highest quality product for your consumers
  • Full visibility from Origin through Distribution to sale
  • Locate the history of any product within seconds along with complete distribution in the event of a recall
  • Use Gro-trac and provide consumers the ability to quickly see what they are purchasing and the origin from our QR scanner app


  • Produce and Fruit will increase in quality 
  • Consumer illness from disease will decrease dramatically with quicker response times through traceability 
  • Liability will reduce as anyone using Blockchain has fully proven an intent to control and provide quality products within their full capabilities
  • Remove all unknowns of the product you are purchasing

Pricing Plan Descriptions

Supplier Grower/shipper Plan

  • Single user plan
  • 1-5 products to trace
  • Complete data upload from seed through storage and sale
  • Upload of data by csv file or auto fill in click and go
  • Store all information regarding growth management, location, etc and collect data for future reference
  • Full visibility of entire ownership of the products 
  • Upload from phone anywhere 
  • Entry level easy to use blockchain that will change how you do business
  • Plan cost is $125 per month paid annually
  • Full Money back Guarantee in the first 15 days if you are not satisfied
  • Full support available 

Supplier Grower/shipper Plan

$125.00 per Month
$ 1,500 per Year
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Ready to use
  • Track-n-Trace Blockchain
  • Single User
  • 1-5 Products

Distributor/Retail Buyer Plan

  • 1-5 Users availability 
  • Complete visibility of Grower origin through ownership
  • Upload data by csv or auto fill click and go
  • Upload from phone anywhere
  • Implement full distribution, storage etc.
  • Complete transparency of ownership duration to sale
  • Plan cost is $109 per user $545 per month paid annually 
  • Unlimited products increase the value of this purchase
  • Full Money back Guarantee in the first 15 days if you are not satisfied 
  • Full support available

Distributor/Retail Buyer

$545.00 per Month
$ 6,540 per Year
  • 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • 1-5 Users
  • Ready to Use
  • Track-n-Trace Blockchain
  • Unlimited Products

Other Custom Additional Items Available

Our software developers are available to customize any request. We also offer other custom features such as Farmer data collection and forecasting, Distributor and Retail Inventory forecasting and resupply, numerous implementation of AI to streamline the entire Supply and Food Chain Globally. 

Contact us for Custom Solutions and Added Features;

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