Multiple Orders

Are you looking for loads?

Shipping Around The World

Types of Product

Our growers are shipping fresh and frozen fruit, vegetables, meat and more worldwide. You can register to provide the transportation from door to door on all of our orders. 

Types of Logistics

We are always in need of port services, cargo handling, freight forwarding, light truck orders, full truck orders and full container loads. If you are an owner/operator or broker looking to add more lanes, register and start increasing your business. 

Opportunity To Bid On Every Order

Bid On Every Order


Sign up to receive the opportunity to bid on shipping from our buyers and growers. Every order produced will be sent to our logistic experts to sort through and select. 

Set your Price

You are in control of pricing and can choose which opportunities best fit your specialty. This is perfect for any size company in any location around the world


This is How

  • $150 per month paid every three months
  • Create your profile
  • Multiple bid opportunities come to you 
  • Select what you want to bid on
  • Set your best price
  • See everyones price
  • You can adjust your number
  • Win the bid opportunity 
  • Receive a 50% deposit
  • Deliver the order
  • Receive final payment 


We made it easy for you and our users. Each product has a pickup location associated with it. When a buyer makes a purchase they enter the destination for drop off, once submitted the bids go to you. In your dashboard you will have “Bid Opportunities” tab, enter and you will see numerous bids. On the left side is the current offer, on the right side is where you can input your offer. The tab below is Awarded Bid, when bids are submitted, all Logistics Users have 24 hours to bid before the opportunity is closed. The buyer can elect at anytime to close the bid before the 24 hour limit. 

To register, you need a copy of the following information:

  • Tax ID#
  • Business License
  • Insurance Certificate
  • 3 Business References

As you are aware, the quantity of shipments vary along with size and location. Our buyers are located all over the world as are our growers. You will see numerous offers daily and weekly. You are able to select and bid on any of the opportunities. 

The cost is $150 per month, with that you have access to  direct orders placed all over the world. What is the cost to solicit your business via cold email or cold calling? We are building sales teams and creating sales. Our targeted model has us completing 3,300 transactions for 2023 and 10x-15x each year after. Your monthly cost places you in front of transactions and not warm or cold leads. We do not charge any commission fees and you do not wait to get paid.  

Unlike sourcing business on your own, we are providing opportunities to you. This allows you to operate with a low overhead and we provide you with cash flow. Typical shipments, FTL, LTL, are paid 50% deposit at award of bid, and 50% final at proof of delivery.  Oversea and Air shipments are paid as per typical terms per carriers. 

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