Multiple orders at one location

1 PL to 10 PL using our IOT. We can fit you in.

All shipping needs around the world

Fresh and Frozen

Our growers are shipping fresh and frozen fruits, vegetables, meats, and more all over the world. You can register to provide the transportation from door to door on our orders. 

Types of Logistics

Regardless of the type of logistics you provide, we are always in need of Port Services, Cargo Handling, Freight Forwarding, and Third Party Logistics. 

Multiple orders daily


Sign up to receive opportunities to bid on shipping from our buyers and growers. Every order produced will be sent to our logistic experts to sort through and select. 

Set your Price

You are in control of the pricing and you can choose which opportunity best fits your specialty. This is perfect for any size company in any location around the world.

Expand your business

More Business Opportunities

Register and you are likely to receive 15% more business per year regardless of the economy. Orders are filled daily and need your services to deliver. 

Easy and Efficient 

After registering, you will start to receive shipping orders that you can bid on. Select the ones you want and when your offer is accepted you will be notified immediately. Once you accept the bid, you will receive a deposit and order details. 

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