The tools, insights, and services you need to move your product


Showcase your products to thousands of buyers

Product Profile

Build visibility with leading buyers by highlighting key information that buyers look for.

Product Pages

Custom product pages to show buyers essential product details like biocertification, global gap, halal certificates and more.

Product Sharing

Share your products with buyers on and off GRO-CONNECT and track engagement.


Sell your products to buyers on GRO-CONNECT.COM

Order Management 

Manage and fulfill orders directly from your GRO-CONNECT profile.

Shipping Customization

Fulfill your product delivery by choosing GRO-CONNECT Logistics and shipping will be handled door to door.

Commission Free Orders

Invite your existing buyers to purchase products on GRO-CONNECT and pay 0% commission fee on those orders. Subject to buyer eligibility.


Create, manage, and grow your buyer relationships

Lead Tracker

Create your buyer pool to track leads and discover ways to engage with buyers on and off GRO-CONNECT in a single place.

Profile Insights

Track your product performance, learn what product buyers are reviewing, see which products are receiving the most attention.

Industry Insights

See what product details are driving buyer engagement, such as price, margin, certifications, and popular search terms.

Sharing Insight

Track visits, clicks, and messages from buyers with whom you have shared your profile with.


Receive multiple offers from buyers

Buyer RFQ Submissions

Receive orders from thousands of buyers and choose what product or buyer you want to sell to. 

RFQ Alerts

Receive alerts in your dashboard that you have RFQ from buyers. Select what you would like to price and submit your details and pricing directly to the buyer. 

Submission Messages

Receive messages from buyers requiring further details or options for multiple orders. 


Gain up to 9x more buyer visibility

Buyer Readiness

Get GRO-CONNECT Priority Supplier and meet the minimum buyer requirements to work with buyers who require labeling, barcodes, PLU stickers, and insurance limit requirements.

Prioritized Placement

Increase visibility by appearing above non-priority suppliers on all buyer searches. 

Automated Replenishment

Instantly receive automated orders for your products with no action on your part. Receive orders with shipping already set up, you just need to prepare to package the order as requested. 

Grow your business as our partner

Staff and Operating Overhead

Connect and build sales without the expense and time of hiring more staff. Jump into a new market without incurring the cost of marketing and brand building. 

Skip Advertising and Marketing 

Using GRO-CONNECT services you are placed directly in front of thousands of buyers. You are not waiting for your marketing and advertising campaigns to kick in and show results.  

Full Control

You are in control the entire time. Set up all of the pertinent details including Global Gap and all certification, price your product to move and let us do the rest. 

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