Typical questions we receive

What type of Vendor do you allow on the site?

We have used many sites to purchase goods just like you. Our experiences were compiled into the processing, goals, that we implemented here. Our Vendors are professionals operating and conducting this type of business prior to joining our site. The goal of our Vendors, and important to know as a Buyer, our Vendor's are here to maintain and increase a quality professional reputation by providing positive transactions to an expanded customer base. They are on here to create positive, reoccurring transactions.

Who are your Buyers?

Similar to our experience we described with Vendors, we have come across unvetted Buyers on other sites. Gro-connect.com is a safe and secure site to transact business anywhere. We screen our Buyers to keep spammers, bots, fake profiles from entering our site. We monitor and respond to our members queries and concerns, making sure everyone is using the site for what it is intended. We are real and we expect you to be as well.

What Guarantee do you Provide?

Our Vendors go through our rigorous process to sell on our site. One of the steps to becoming a Vendor allows us to follow up on past transactions and quality assurances. The product that is purchased and sold on this site are perishable and most is consumable. All data on harvest etc is provided on request from each Vendor. If a Buyer upon delivery of the product has any issue with the goods, we request immediate notice and photos. We will then process a refund to you and work out details for replacement. Our goal as a company is to provide positive transactions for everyone. You will see ratings on each Vendor that will help you select who to purchase from. You can also be assured we are here for you as well. Contact us info@gro-connect.com or gro_connect@yahoo.com

How does Shipping work?

We have set up options for shipping based on location and distance product can safely travel. Some of our Vendors opt to ship separately based on location and quantity. As a Buyer you will know what will include shipping and what will not prior to purchase. Any items requiring shipping inquiries will be answered and tracked through the support link on the site. Prior to purchase you will know what the full cost is to purchase from that specific Vendor.

Is it more expensive to purchase on Gro-connect.com?

It is not more expensive to purchase on Gro-connect.com. While Buyers enter free and Vendors pay a percentage to sell goods on the site, the volume we create for each Vendor offsets the cost to operate on our site affording value to all Buyers. Our site is streamlined to this industry, we create fast and easy transactions for Buyers expanding access to quality product. We also provide an advantage for Vendors to sell product 24/7 expanding reach to Buyers through our Marketing and Sales.

What is needed to be a Vendor?

We require typical information from potential Vendors; Business name and address, tax ID/ Vat#, corporate structure and business formation and license, areas of operations, years in business, current clientele and contact information, along with standard questions you would expect. What you may not expect is we manually follow through to verify each Vendor so we can be assured we have quality, reputable, people on our site.

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