Typical questions we receive

What Benefit will I see using Gro-connect.com?

Wholesale Buyers from any location will see advantages from having access to an unlimited pool of quality products, Grower/shippers, Distributors, Exporters, Importers. This is also an advantage for those selling quality products. While you browse categories and search for product, each item has full description, quantity, bio certificates, Gap info, and all full disclosure information accessible with a click. Buyer will know who the seller is, license info, biological info of the product, and everything is listed with each item, eliminating hours/days of wasted time with requests and waiting.

I already have enough Buyers or Suppliers

No one Person or Company is insulated today with current inflation and supply chain delays, COVID obstacles, loss of business, employee shortage, etc. With all of the challenges and losses we incur daily today, limiting your exposure to more Buyers or Suppliers is risky business. If the shutdown affected you, then that proved your not in a position to settle. Gro-connect.com is not just an Online Wholesale Marketplace, we also offer affordable solutions for our Members to integrate Blockchain bringing full transparency to the Food Chain. Gro-connect.com also has an affordable forecast and replenishment system. What any Member receives using Gro-connect.com is affordable time saving reliable solutions that take the place of added staffing and labor costs in a Labor shortage Market.

How are you able to provide quality solutions at such a low cost?

We have a collaboration of 40+ years working in your Industry. The advantages we learned and have, are a full understanding of how to save time, save money, increase sales revenue, and be accountable. Our blockchain is based on Linux Foundation Fabric, we developed and created a simplified solution for our users to gain Visibility across the Food and Supply chain. We also have developed and created a way to forecast inventory using historical data and implementing other factors to give our Members another affordable advantage. We are able to provide this by reducing our costs and exposure and our structure is to align ourselves with our Clients for a long term relationship. We stand behind our service and work ethics, so as our Clients, Customers become profitable, overtime so will we.

Wholesale cannot be purchased Online

We hear this often from seasoned Sales people in the Industry. The fact is, Produce and Fruit along with Meat, Poultry, Flowers, have been purchased and delivered to Consumers online for over 10 years now. Wholesale is more than capable of following this lead, especially with today's technologies in place. Global Trade is a major component to keeping store shelves stocked with fresh Produce and Fruit 365 days a year. Licensing, Product Certification, has stepped up and we take advantage of providing all certifications with each product and Supplier for the Buyer to view quickly. Importing and Exporting is still handled the same way as it has and we encompass this on our site to reduce time and cost. You are able to purchase product the same way that you have been, FOB, FTL, CIF, etc. The choice of how to receive the products is set by the Supplier and Buyer. Some Suppliers clearly offer FOB pricing today because of the volatility of transportation costs and time, others may have the same product available sent CIF. Everything is clearly listed for your review. What you can count on is the ability to purchase quality products online with Gro-connect.com

What Guarantee do you Provide?

Our Vendors go through our rigorous process to sell on our site. One of the steps to becoming a Vendor allows us to follow up on past transactions and quality assurances. The product that is purchased and sold on this site are perishable and most is consumable. We have full documentation of our Standard Operating Procedures you should review. We also have our Terms and Conditions that give us the ability to process a credit for any transaction that is not within our Guidelines. We will ban any Supplier or Buyer who does not comply within our Guidelines. Our services are equal to the value of hiring and training numerous staff to Purchase or Sell these quality products in house. The loss of our service over a scam transaction is far greater than any potential gain of an ill gotten scam. Please review our documentation so you understand our commitment to you.

How does Shipping work?

We have set up options for shipping based on location and distance product can safely travel. Some of our Vendors opt to ship separately based on location and quantity. As a Buyer you will know what includes shipping and what will not prior to purchase. Any items requiring shipping inquiries will be answered and tracked through the support link on the site. Prior to purchase you will know what the full cost is to purchase from that specific Vendor.

Is it more expensive to purchase on Gro-connect.com?

It is not more expensive to purchase on Gro-connect.com. While Buyers enter free and Vendors pay a percentage to sell goods on the site, the volume we create for each Vendor offsets the cost to operate on our site affording value to all Buyers. Our site is streamlined to this industry, we create fast and easy transactions for Buyers expanding access to quality product. We also provide an advantage for Vendors to sell product 24/7 expanding reach to Buyers through our Marketing and Sales.

What is needed to be a Vendor?

We require typical information from potential Vendors; Business name and address, tax ID/ Vat#, corporate structure and business formation and license, areas of operations, years in business, current clientele and contact information, along with standard questions you would expect. What you may not expect is we manually follow through to verify each Vendor so we can be assured we have quality, reputable, people on our site.

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