Limited Buyer Reward Program caters to our users and to show our appreciation we developed a Rewards Program unique to our Buyers and Industry.

Buyers will obtain points on all purchases (regardless if purchase is made individually or through the company they work for) made through Purchases & points are 1-1, so every $1.00 dollar spent on a purchase the reward point earned is 1 point.  When you register as a Buyer (or Customer) you receive 5,000 bonus points. The following information is how customers accrue points;

  • New customer registration= 5,000 points
  • Spend $15,000 or more per (1) month and earn=  additional 1,500 bonus points
  • 1 year anniversary membership and receive= 6,000 bonus points

Your points are valued and may be redeemed as follows;

  • 100,000 points= Gift card equal to $500.00 that you can use for any purchase anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted
  • 200,000 points= Gift Card equal to $1,250.00
  • 300,000 points= Gift Card equal to $1,750.00

Terms of point redemption and accrual. Buyers/Customers need to redeem your points before the 12 month anniversary of your membership. Before the end of each year your points must be used or they will reset back to zero**. You do receive 6,000 bonus points to start each new year with. Once you reach 100,000 points you may redeem and start over before the year end. Point redemption is allocated once you hit 100,000-200,000-300,000 point intervals. **if you have not reached 100,000 in points, but you have been making purchases on over the period of 12 months, then we will allow you to pass those points over to the next year, limited to 50,000 points in total.

All terms and conditions are inclusive to all Buyer/Customers who register on or before 6/30/21. Buyers/Customers who register and stay active purchasing in will continue with these terms until 6/30/23. Any tax or corporate policies are the responsibility of each Buyer/Customer participating in this Limited Rewards Program.

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