Standard Supplier Plan

Standard Supplier Plans increase your sales volume by 300% + per year per sales person.

Upload your 5 Products, Set your pricing, minimum order qty, upload all bio and Gap certs, select your shipping preferences and we will contact you to set the correct freight costs per Buyers location and your MOQ.

Link your institution to receive payments.

Sign our Purchase Order Agreement and mail a hard copy to our office if you are interested in offering Buyers Purchase Order options for Payments.

Be sure to monitor the email you used with your account, if you select RFQ, you will have notifications from Buyers regarding new orders, you will also have direct messages through your email from Buyers. Your response time will be visible to potential Buyers and short response time is prefered. Buyers will also rate you on quality and service, the best service and reviews will bring more future sales to you. Using our RFQ and DM you can sell split FTL or FCL to central locations, we will assist you in the distribution.

Tips to maximize your time;

Price your product per USDA Terminal Market Prices per Location, (overpriced products will not sell)

List all Biological certifications, Inspections and/or Details with every product. Include details on your Company, Self, and Practices. The more information that is available to the Buyer to click and view the more sales you will receive

Do not over commit, High Reviews and Transparency will increase sales 10X

Respond to every message and notice timely 

Use our Sales Team to assist in your sales, full visibility of all products, Gap certs, bio info, will result in higher sales volume  

Free for 3 days, then $1,500.00 every 12 months until cancelled