Gro-connect.com was created to provide the Agriculture Industry Immediate access to Decision Makers!!!

Founded November 2019, We have become a useful tool for the Ag Industry reducing expense and time cold calling, trying to make connections to decision makers.  Our purpose is to connect Members to Members who want to Buy or Sell Wholesale Ag Products. We operate similar to a Real Estate App or Car Buying App. We provide the location where you can create a deal easily!

Farmer/Grower= Connect with Buyers all over the world, increase your sales volume, leverage our network so you are guaranteed sales

  • Create sales anywhere to anyone with decision makers on site
  • Increase sales capacity and maximize growing potential per acre
  • Create comfort and assurance knowing you have multiple options to quality Buyers
  • Easy to use and all negotiations are in your control

Distributor/Shipper= Connect with Farmers and Growers Globally expanding product line, reduce seasonal limitations from Global reach, increase sales and income

  • Access to thousands of Growers globally
  • Quality product all year access
  • Increase sales to Retail with easy contact to decision makers globally
  • Streamline sales staff by increasing their deal ability

Retail/Grocer= Connect with Distributors, Grower Shippers, Globally, Increase access to hundreds of Growers located near each of your stores

  • Increase access to fresh product globally
  • Easy to use site streamlining Buyers time for sourcing
  • If you are internally distributing, we connect you with fresh product globally and quickly
  • Access to numerous suppliers adds leverage and accountability to quality products
  • Immediately reduce cost and expense with spoiled products
  • Increase quality of product and sales income globally
  • Increase access to volume and quality anywhere




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