GRO-CONNECT.COM is an end-to-end platform for the trading of wholesale food.

Created as a solution to an outdated food marketplace, GRO-CONNECT.COM, a U.S. based company, employs today’s latest technology to link growers and farmers across the world to wholesale buyers like grocers and restaurant supply houses thus eliminating many levels of middlemen and creating a more timely and profitable process for both growers and buyers. 

GRO-CONNECT.COM combines a B2B e-commerce marketplace with an APP, enabling farmers, growers, grocers, distributors, and restaurants the ability to connect in order to facilitate orders of fruits, vegetables, meats, oils and more from a device anywhere. 

GRO-CONNECT.COM offers order management, inventory management, and point of sales software allowing our users the ability to manage sales/inventory of online or offline/brick and mortar from one central location. We are the only marketplace that has real time shipping prices from multiple shippers worldwide allowing our users the ability to take advantage of real time pricing while also being assured products purchased will arrive to the location requested. 

GRO-CONNECT.COM’s users –both buyers and growers –are pre-qualified. Every product has visible Bio Certification, Phytosanitary Certification plus all that is traditionally required prior to making a purchase. Some products are sold by pallet, others by truck or container load. Product size, capacity, and seasonal availability are all listed to quickly help with decision making.  

GRO-CONNECT.COM understands the importance of quality, consistency, immediacy and fair pricing. Our goal is to bring sustainability to our growers and efficiency to our buyers. 

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