Gro-connect.com was created to provide the Agriculture Industry Immediate access to Sales Globally and Locally!!!

Founded November 2019, Our purpose is to connect Members who want to Buy or Sell Wholesale Agriculture Products. We provide the location where you can simply create a deal effortlessly!

VENDOR= Farmer, Grower, Shipper, Distributor, Meat & Seafood Purveyor

  • Create sales anywhere to anyone by simply posting your product as a vendor
  • Increase sales by expanding your current reach and maximize income with less effort
  • Create comfort and assurance knowing you have multiple quality Buyers
  • Easy to use and all negotiations are in your control with immediate sales and transactions
  • Access to thousands of Buyers globally
  • Quality product & all year access
  • Increase sales to Retail with easy contact to Buyers globally
  • Streamline sales staff efficiencies by increasing daily sales reach
  • There are 3 monthly options for Vendors based on the amount of product they want to sell
  • Vendors will pay 3% commission to Gro-connect.com at the sale of the product goods

BUYER= Retail, Grocer, Garden Center, Florist, Restaurant

  • Increase access to fresh product globally & locally 24/7 at Wholesale prices
  • Easy to use site streamlining Buyers time for sourcing quality Vendors and Growers
  • Stay on top of inventory with fast access to quality Vendors
  • Use Gro-connects commitment to quality service and Money Back Guarantee for assurance
  • Immediately reduce waste cost and expense with spoiled products
  • Increase quality of product and utilize global access easily
  • Increase access to volume and quality anywhere
  • The cost is FREE