Gro-connect.com was created to help the Agriculture Industry create Immediate Sales!

We were founded November 2019, Our purpose is to connect Buyers to Sellers of all Wholesale Agriculture Products. We provide the best location where you can simply create sales effortlessly. Gro-connect.com is a partner with you in sales, our purpose is to increase your sales revenue, and provide you access to numerous quality products and companies. We want to make you the best at what you do, so we align ourselves with you. If you are a partner who purchases, we provide you access to numerous quality companies that are capable of fulfilling your orders and stand behind the products they sell. Our selling partners or Vendors, are here like us to build a brand and increase customer base. Gro-connect is paid  when our selling partners are paid, our cost is minimal to the service we provide. In fact our Buying partners are able to use our site for free and we offer a points reward program, but our priority is to simplify the Buying process. This is because we are driven to create an amazing experience for our Buyers and Vendors and we are committed. There are not many other companies that we compete with who are aligned and appreciate our partnerships like we do. Try us out and see for yourself.

Here are a few points regarding our partnerships

VENDOR Partnership= Farmer, Grower, Shipper, Distributor, Importer, Exporter, Broker, Meat & Seafood Purveyor, Garden center 

  • You are great at what you do and we want to help you become even better
  • Create sales anywhere to anyone by simply creating an online store and posting your products
  • Increase sales by expanding your current reach and maximize income with less effort
  • Create comfort and assurance knowing you have multiple quality Buyers
  • Easy to use and all negotiations are in your control with immediate sales and transactions
  • Set up purchases based on minimum ship qty, and discounts for additional purchases
  • Access to thousands of Buyers globally where you are comparable to there procurement requirements
  • Increase income and sell while you sleep, effortlessly
  • Use our marketing and sales reach globally and nationally to accent your current sales programs
  • Streamline your sales staff efficiencies by increasing daily sales reach for each person before hiring additional staff
  • There are 3 low cost monthly options for Vendors based on the amount of product you want to sell
  • Vendors pay 5% commission to Gro-connect.com at the sale of the product
  • You can opt to be paid from PayPal, credit cards, and you can accept Purchase Order Terms (PayPal and credit card payments transfer instantly)

BUYER Partnership= Retail, Grocer, Garden Center, Florist, Restaurant, Landscaper, etc

  • You are our priority and we will show this to you by saving you money and time
  • Give us your procurement requirements and we will create a custom pool of Vendors who are aligned 100% with your needs
  • Increase access to fresh & quality product globally & locally 24/7 always at Wholesale prices
  • Easy to use site streamlining time and effort to source quality Vendors and Product
  • Safe and secure payment transactions and on-time deliveries
  • Gro-connect is committed to quality service and we have a Money Back Guarantee for assurance
  • Immediately reduce waste cost and expense with spoiled products
  • Increase quality of product and utilize global access easily
  • Increase access to volume and quality anywhere
  • If you have unique orders, send them to us and we will source vendors for you even if they are not on our site
  • The cost is FREE

Pre-qualification Process

We are only looking for quality Buyers and Suppliers. Our process starts with learning who you are and what you do by reviewing the information you provide on our registration form. We overview your business history with D&B and we also send email messages for your response to see if you are real. Your website, references, and social media, help us too. We do not pull credit reports and do not need to. We do want a copy of your liability insurance and your coverage numbers so we know where you will fit with Buyers procurement requirements. We may also ask for new items to see if you qualify for our new Buyers needs. If you do fit within these Buyer requirements you are in a separate pool of vendors who are capable of selling to these Buyers. Our goal with requesting and reviewing this information privately benefits Both Buyer and Vendor on the site. This assures you will have offers or sales from qualified Real Companies and people.

Does this mean you have to have a huge insurance policy to be a member? Or do you need to have stellar AAA credit?

The answer to both questions is no. We have Buyers who do not have a high insurance requirement so you will be available to sell to these Buyers. Credit is for Banks, and we are not lenders, what we want to know is do you pay your bills regularly, do you have the proper certification and clean licenses. That is the type of Buyer or Seller that we want on our site. Things happen in life and stay with you for years, how you operate today and have been in the past few years is important. It is also important to know that by using Gro-connect.com Inc. we are your advocates both on Buy and Sell. If you abuse our services and try too short or cheat someone on our site, we will remove your access to our service and report you to the proper agencies. Buyers and Sellers need to understand that, the upside to using our site far outweighs the downside of conducting business on your own. We streamline and save you time and lots of money. This is not the place for abuse or misuse and we will never tolerate it.

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