Our Story

   Hi, I’m Lee Seward CEO of Gro-connect.com. I have been purchasing/selling fruits & vegetables just like you. The time it takes to source suppliers or buyers is timely & expensive. The unknown lack of transparency is a challenge and consuming.

   I know the time and cost to source new Growers, Shippers, Brokers, Distributors, and Buyers. It takes weeks to months, now with Trade Shows back in person, the cost and time to attend adds another layer of complexity. Cold calling and cold emails are tiring.

So what do you do?

  Stick with the group of Buyers or Suppliers you have?

How do you expand? 


The Problem

  • Time to create new connections and reach decision makers
  • Cost of hiring new sales associates or joining memberships for outdated lists
  • Results (or lack of) from these new connections 



Tomatoe on the Vine

The Solution

  • Quickly upload or view products to purchase
  • The cost is FREE to use as a BUYER and we have a 90 FREE trial for sellers
  • Buyers can purchase instantly, if you are selling, transparency, proper pricing, will bring you sales
1 Global Location with an Abundance of Supply & Demand
B2B Wholesale Marketplace
How does this work?


As a Buyer you will need to register with an Email, create a Password, and upload a Government Photo ID.

Check your email as we will send a verification email to you and then you can start using the service.

There is no credit card or commitment required. 

For Commercial Buyers 

If you want to purchase using payment terms, or a purchase order, please contact us so we can send you the application and review your information.  

For Cash Buyers

Start shopping, when you are ready to make a purchase, use your credit card or Paypal to make a purchase. Within 3 business days we will send you a manifest and bill of lading on your order by email. Once your order has arrived at the destination you have 24 hours to contact us if there are any issues.    

Review our Terms and Conditions in our menu 


To start selling you will follow the same steps as a Buyer. 

Once you are verified you can login and register to sell. 

Post your products with your pricing, add all details and upload your Bio-certs for each product. There are numerous options and additional features you can use for free. 

Link your bank through Stripe Connect as prompted in your profile settings. 

Cash payments made by the Buyers will be forwarded directly to you. See our Terms and Conditions. You have 3 business days to fulfill the order and send us the shipping manifest, bill of lading, & pictures of the products loaded and prior to loading. Send the information to  sales@gro-connect.com

Please review our Operating Procedures and Ethos to be familiar with requirements and standards.

NOTE* Our commercial Buyers prefer purchase terms, you have the ability to offer these terms via LOC or PO. Please download our application and forms allowing Buyers to use terms. Any questions contact us, sales@gro-connect.com  

NFC Pineapple Concentrate
Asian Cut Broccoli Crowns

You can be assured that we oversee every transaction, All users are qualified prior to obtaining access. We Guarantee every transaction and if an issue arises, we are involved in the restitution.   

 Using Gro-connect.com is realtionship building, affording you numerous options, with a team you can rely on. Your success is our success and we want to make you successful. 

Contact us for more information 


1-347-918-7437 USA Office

1-9172326265 Whatsapp 



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Using old technology can damage your profitability and increase your losses. We have created StockME to keep you automated and maximizing every step of your day to day operations. 

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