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Transforming how people and business connect in Agriculture.



Gro-connect.com was created to Help Farmers and Growers expand reach to multiple Buyers while also benefiting Buyers with an expansive reach to sales. Gro-connect.com connects Members who are Farmers/Growers and Buyers who are Distributors/Shippers as well as Retail Buyers and Transportation facilitators. The site connects Buyers and Sellers of wholesale agriculture. Members create profiles and connect with other members who are on the site to Buy or Sell. 

We provide you the ability to connect to sales staff looking to Buy or Sell today. You negotiate your price and deal structure and nurture the sale. We do not interfere or charge commissions or control any aspect of selection or decisions. Membership allows the connection to Buyers and Sellers that are specific to your products quickly and easily. We reduce wasted valuable time searching for Buyers, We increase your pool of Farmers and Growers expanding your ability to purchase quality product anywhere. Retail Buyers can expect access to numerous sellers streamlined at one location while leaving you in control of who you conduct business with.    

You have the ability to use your phone and click on members, message potential Buyers or Sellers that you see interesting. Share your website, upload procurement sheets, photos, list what is relative to your needs to make a deal. 

Gro-connect.com removes the guessing of what leads will become deals. We deliver you deals, you are in control, we have Members who also facilitate Logistics and we have Misc companies that provide supported products as well. One location, easy to use, connecting you with deals!  

Member categories 

Farmer/Grower= Crop/Product from the field 

Distributor/Shipper= Grower shippers, distributors, packing processing

Retail/Grocer= Sales direct to consumers 

Logistic/Transportation= Transportation, Freight, Import Exporters 

Misc Agriculture= Banking, Plant Containers, etc 


Our members are important to us, if you have a question or concern we are reachable.   info@gro-connect.com



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Register to become a member, enter the information you want other members to see. Create a username, upload pictures, data sheets, procurement requirements, any information you feel will be useful to others. We let you link your website as well, if this is how you prefer to onboard vendors. Select an account that fits who you are and how you want others to seek you: Farmer/Grower-Distributor/Shipper-Retail/Grocer-Logistics/Transportation-Misc Agriculture.

Login and at the top of the page is member search. Click on this and select the account type you are searching for. Profiles appear and you can filter them by Crop/Product, Country, State/Province. Once you have the members filtered, you can then click on the profiles and the information they provide appears. If any of them pique your interest you can go to the website they provide or message them through the site. Your options are endless!

Interaction is important as in any connection. If you are receiving messages it is important to respond and just as important to reach out to others and communicate. Think of this as your business phone and remember that Members are contacting you to make a deal. 

Ratings and Messaging are simple to use and rating the response of profiles you have interacted with helps others know what to expect. The rating system is about communication and general dealings with members. It is important that you check your email and spam/junk folder to make sure you receive your messages.

Membership Fee is $250.00 for 3 months or $700.00 for 12 months. You will receive a 7 day free trial when you register. Membership allows unlimited connections and deals and every member is on the site to Buy or Sell Today! 

What is the value of selling  your product to numerous Buyers FAST? 

What is the value of having ACCESS to Buy PRODUCT 24/7×365 days a year? 

This SITE is like fishing in a stocked barrel, you will make a deal easily!! 


We have created a unique membership based platform through a collaboration of many individuals. “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other”-JFK

Lee Seward

Founder and CEO of Gro-connect.com created the concept while working with farmers and growers in Oregon. The industry is a tight circle using cold calling and boots on the ground for expansion. Many social platforms create connections and friends, nothing defines this Industry or the ability to cut wasted time. Gro-connect.com provides the connection to buy or sell with a click.


David Caviola

COO actively involved with the Operation, Integrity, and Expansion of Gro-connect.com. Past attributes have included sales and operations of $100M+ in revenue generating companies. His experience and Leadership will create positive experiences for members to enjoy.


Isabelle Seward

Manages the Website Design and IT Department keeping the site operational. This is a critical component to Gro-connect.com, not just maintaining the server but also updating the backup and implementing new features for Members. 

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For more information and details, contact us info@gro-connect.com