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Tomatoes 6x6sz

Price: $16.00 Pckg: 25lb cartons Variety: Mature Greens Grade: 85% US One or better

Lemons 140s

Price: $36.00 Pckg: 7/10 bushel cartons Grade: Shprs 1st grade

Oranges 56s

Price: $29.00 Pckg: 4/5 bushel cartons Variety: Navel Grade US No 1

Limes 48s

Price: $17.00 Pckg: 10lb carton Variety: seedless

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Capa USA
Highly Recommend
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Contacted Gro-connect 11/25/20 and in 5 days negotiated sales with head Buyer for 327 Retail Stores, Day 6 negotiated sales with head Buyer of 3,500 US Retail Stores. We continue to use them today.
Great support
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Set up my store and had a few questions. Support responded within 30 minutes on a Saturday and assisted with completing setup. Excited to see results.. Update 1/21/21 just completed $750.00 in sales and shipping is easy!
Buyer name withheld
Buyer name withheld
Easy to use Recommend
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I am a Buyer and gave 4.5 stars because the registration approval was slower than I preferred. They ask a lot of questions, which I guess is a good thing. I just wish it was quicker, the site is easy to use.
Produce King
Produce King
Good Job!
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Ok, I was skeptical at first, I have been in the business for many years and we don't sell this way. Let's say I agreed try this out because of persistency. Well, it works! I am shipping my first order today and it's been 2 days since I said ok.
Express Foods Buyer
Express Foods Buyer
Good Service
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Been here for almost a year, have had great experiences. Would like to see more sellers capable of servicing Independent Grocers in Ct

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FUN FACT: Global Production Volume of Vegetables is 1,130.2 Metric Tons per yr

Fruit Sales make up 47% of Weekly Store Sales 

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