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Wholesale trading of perishable produce & meat in one location.  

Transparent trading

Buyers & Sellers can securely trade wholesale quantities all over the world knowing they are dealing with trusted counterparts. Pre-qualified Grower/Shippers, Brokers, Distributors, with Good Agricultural Practices certification. Produce Blue Book, DNB, PACA, FDA registrations as well. 

Efficient procurement achieved with full transparency at a click. Sellers set pricing, shipping, MOQ per product with biocertification.   

Buyers have multiple options for products & licensed suppliers with various certification & insurance coverage. Login, browse, click, enter qty, enter shipping location, done. 

Sellers, have access to buyers all over the world 24/7. Set your pricing, shipping locations, payment terms, link your bank account. Create options so the buyer can purchase 4 monthly/weekly container shipments at x% discount.  

Same way of trading wholesale food, one location with visible information. Purchase order, LOC, all typical terms of payment per industry standards.

Simplistic, safe, affordable way to trade nationally or globally. 


Many additional technology integrations beyond an online Terminal Market! 

Gro-trac our Track and Trace Blockchain

    Blockchain food traceability is gaining momentum in the global agrifood sector. The ability to instantaneously trace the entire lifecycle of food products from origin through every point of contact on its journey to the consumer bolsters credibility, efficiency and safety.

    Consumers would have the ability to trace their food from “farm to fork” with a scan of a QR code.

    Blockchain enhances the ability to quickly pinpoint potential sources of contamination to efficiently prevent, contain or rectify outbreaks. Transparency in terms of blockchain food traceability can validate and authenticate food origin and improve brand credibility. Additional benefits include fraud prevention and the ability to better tackle outbreaks through prevention methods that can help minimize food testing expenses and improve margins.

Limitations of blockchain

    For blockchain to be effective, there must be participation from all parties and points of contact involved. Additionally, data integrity lies in the hands of the data collectors and needs a system of validation to avoid tampering.

    Having a unified system with definitive standards and regulations is the solution.

The migration to blockchain using Gro-trac

    Blockchain is making headway in financial and manufacturing sectors in terms of optimizing processes and improving efficiencies. As the agrifood sector embraces the benefits of blockchain technology, the need to stay competitive is what will ultimately drive the migration to blockchain. It is the nature of markets that mandate competitors to stay relevant to survive.

   We created Gro-trac as an introductory, affordable solution, to stay relevant. 

StockME intelligent integration for Food Procurement

Get the blueprint for dynamic supply chains.

Explore how to create accurate, reliable forecasts, supply & demand plans, optimize analytics, for your supply chain. This detailed architectural blueprint shows how organizations with StockME can: 

  • Meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Maintain cost excellence
  • Improve a company’s sustainability footprint
  • Optimize omnichannel inventory
  • Work alongside any inventory management system
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Reduce waste and emissions
  • Streamline efficiencies 

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